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The Orchard Tea Garden located between the scenic highlands of Otse, South East District. Our Tea Garden offers visitors a tranquil environment to enjoy our freshly made light snack menu consisting of delicious treats.

Come and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee while enjoying the calming effect of the Orange Tree shade.

Request to taste our home made marmalade jam during the winter and buy a loved one a bottle as a gift.

The Orchard Tea Garden Catering & Event Venue. If you are looking to host a private celebration function the Orchard Tea Garden can comfortably host & cater for just over 100 guests.

Either choose from our current menu or create your own menu with the friendly and experienced kitchen staff.


Jersey Knitting Workshop:

This workshop produces jerseys made from 100% cotton imported from England. Our jersey workshop is known for our popular Scarfs, Jersey hoods, and Men’s and Ladies Jerseys. Individual and bulk order purchases are made.



Within the Jersey Workshop, there is an embroidery workshop which produces embroidered company logos. Art work can be emailed and orders made to tailor make your personalized logos.


Candle workshop:

This workshop produces all types of candles of various shapes, sizes and scents. Candles can be bought straight from the candle workshop, or orders for specific quantities, colours..etc. can be made. Group workshops on candle making can be done at our candle shop, prior booking id required, quote on request can be provided.

Our nursery offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants and flowers that are suitable for our Botswana weather. Here organic fertilisers can be found which will help to take care of the plant you buy at our store.
Landscaping services can be offered on request.

All of these workshops are done on a very small scale and mostly form part of the training program.

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