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Camphill has been in operation for the past 38 years. Some of the buildings have been in existence
from the beginning whilst other buildings where constructed along the way. Some of the buildings
and other facilities are now in need of maintenance and renovation.

What is needed?

Swimming Pool Renovation
Rankoromane School has a swimming pool that is in need of renovations from crack fills, inside tiling,
fencing, and general maintenance equipment.


Out Door Chairs

Out door chairs are needed so the children can have a place to sit down when they are not necessarily
playing on the play equipment.
Who will benefit and how?
60 Students will benefit from this project. In the next 6 years to come this project will have benefited
over three hundred
and mental development as playing requires them to engage both physically and mentally ,therefore
process will be enhanced.

Swimming is a great form cardiovascular exercise, swimming is also beneficial to the body joints and
muscles as it keeps them strong and flexible without putting any strain on the skeleton system. It is
very important for the children to keep as fit as possible as their physical state is already compromised,
a healthy diet and exercise will offer them a better quality of life. Swimming is also a form of
entertainment for the children as they engage both physically and mentally they are able to take their
mind of the day to day challenges they face.

Revamping the playground by putting up outdoor chairs and will ensure that the children have an
outdoor multipurpose recreational place that they can use for summer celebrations, birthdays


Financial Budget

The estimated budget for the renovations of the swimming pool and putting up of out door
playground chairs is P 66,000.00.

If you are interested in this project, we would be pleased to provide more detailed information and an
exact quotation.

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